I’ve always loved to illustrate! Representing the world around me is my best way of understanding and communicating such understanding.

20180209_TUDelft_BK_flaviaIMG_3505FCM stands for Flavia Curvelo Magdaniel. She is a graphic designer educated as an architect and inspired by the cities and cultures she has experienced around the world.

Flavia was born and grew up in La Guajira, a Caribbean region in Colombia. She moved to Bogotá to study Architecture within an outstanding Faculty of Arts, where she developed a passion for illustration. After working for four years as a designer she moved to the Netherlands in 2008 to pursue a masters education in Real Estate & Housing. In 2010, she obtained the degree of MSc at TU Delft and soon after her graduation she joined the department of MBE as a PhD candidate.

Before and while working in her PhD research, Flavia performed graphic design works for the department of MBE, including the design of the dissertation Managing the university campus, posters, research reports and marketing brochures for education and research.

Nowadays, TU Delft features one of her original designs in the coffee cups and vending machines of the campus. Besides her appointment at TU Delft, Flavia works as an independent graphic designer.

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